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Mughol Buckler
Kizil Ayak Turkmen Chuval 
Uzbek Bag Face
Samarkand Uzbek Metalwork in the Timurid Style
Goat Hair Mat - Horn of Africa
Shaving Cup of the Federal Period  1776
Adam and David
Antiques, Collectibles and Curiosities                                      Wash D.C. Metro Photos
Baluch Tree of Life Prayer Rug
Federal Work Table
Tekke Turkmen Engsi
Timuri Balouch  Fragment
Turkish Kirshehir Prayer Rug
Sheraton Cherry Bureau
Step Back Windsor Chairs
Pennsylvania German Dower Chest
David R E Hunt
Photography and  Internet  Services
$300 Per Shoot- emailed and saved to disk
Metro Pointe Apartments
The Perfected Graphophone
As recently published in
Washington Post Capital Business Journal ...
Kurdish Village Bijar Carpet